Internships and Field Assistant Positions

Credit: E Huchard
Credit: E. Huchard

Role description

Field Assistants positions combine practical research with training and are entirely field-based. The volunteers are trained by and work alongside doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers, assisting with their studies and contributing to the wider research activities of the Tsaobis Baboon Project.

The fieldwork will primarily involve daily follows of baboon troops on foot, collecting data on the behaviour of individually recognisable animals, together with monthly vegetation surveys, and the capture of both study troops to fit GPS collars and collect measurements and samples. This year, our research includes projects on baboon hierarchical behaviour, capacities to use tools, and welfare.

Why applying

  • To share the lives of wild baboons in a beautiful landscape
  • To learn new skills and experience that are relevant to research in behaviour, ecology, and conservation
  • To be involved in a long-term project on African wildlife, hosted by an international research institution and conservation charity
  • To use this experience as a stepping stone on to Masters and PhD degree courses

Positions available

We are currently recuiting Namibian field assistants for the next field season, running from May to October 2024, for 3 months positions (May-July) that may be renewable for an extra 3 months (August-October) as well as for 3 months positions (August-October). The deadline for application is March 20th, 2024 @ 10 am. Fieldwork involves data collection on foot from two study troops. More information about the project, arrangements for volunteers, how to apply, and interview dates can be found on this page, as well as on this document. In brief, a CV and 1-page cover letter should be sent before March 20th @ 10 am to the following address:

Further information

For further details about these positions, including the work involved, our working and living conditions in the field, information about health and safety, preparations prior to departure, and what to bring with you, please visit this page.